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Around the world in 60 years

Ermis' story

Ermis Nava opened his shop in Modena, Italy, in 1951 after many years as an apprentice in the shoe business. His original shop was in via del Veronese and quickly developed into one of the area’s most thriving artisan laboratories. Mr. Nava canvassed the entire country to source the best material for his customers.

Patrick and Jattin

After many years spent in the fashion business, Patrick wants to promote the hidden excellence present in Italy that is privy to local Italians only. Due to his work, he knows how Italy is full of world class artisans who just don't have the scale and funding to increase the reach of their voice. He teams up with Jattin, a veteran of the luxury Italian shoe business, to scout some of the best heritage artisans and promote their work, in the spirit of his grandfathers search for excellence.

Made in Italy

Ermis Nava's artisans have mastered the craft of shoe making since the very young age, with countless hours spent in the family shop. Roberto M. is a magician of style, able to create incredible styles with unparalleled quality. Roberto P. is a virtuoso of technique. No skill is too high for his masterful hands and no detail too little. Together they are the hands behind each of Ermis Nava's products.

How it's made

We took the best lethers from the few tanneries in France and Italy that supply the most famous global luxury brands. We scouted Italy to find the best artisans, families who had been making shoes for generation and understood every secret of it. Then we cut out every inch of cost we could to give everybody to understand what true Italian luxury means.

Each of our shoes is cut, sawn, and finished by the hands of an expert artisan.
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Custom made

You can customize Ermis Nava shoe to have an even more unique pair - we also offer made-to-measure options in the San Francisco Bay Area

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